Compassionate Corporatives Banking on Bankruptcy

how long will it take for them to kill it?

March 9, 2005
Bankruptcy Bill Set for Passage; Victory for Bush

WASHINGTON, March 8 - The Senate assured final passage of the first major overhaul of the nation's bankruptcy laws in 27 years on Tuesday, when it took two votes that cleared the remaining political obstacles to a measure that the nation's credit and retail industries have sought for years.

The bill would disqualify many families from taking advantage of the more generous provisions of the current bankruptcy code that permit them to extinguish their debts for a "fresh start." It would also impose significant new costs on those seeking bankruptcy protection and give lenders and businesses new legal tools for recovering debts.

when you own the companies that have already outsourced avg joe's good jobs cause you've already globalized to newly freed markets in the Middle East,

CIO.com, Outsourcing Research Center

when you're CEO of the companies that file four times the 'junk lawsuits' than average joe does

“We think lawsuit abuse is a serious problem in this country," proclaimed Dick Cheney while debating John Edwards in early October. The"runaway lawsuits" theme is repeated at almost every Bush/Cheney campaign stop.

Knowing the record of his own company, I can't help wondering whether Cheney is like an alcoholic seeking help, for during his five-year reign as CEO, Halliburton and its subsidiaries filed more than 150 separate court actions (documented by Halliburton Watch). Those lawsuits pursued injunctions, evictions, and attempted to collect alleged debts from other corporations and individuals, sometimes for as little as $1,500.

But Halliburton is just part of a larger pattern. A recent study by Public Citizen indicates that the 7 million U.S. corporations file four times as many lawsuits as the 281 million individual Americans, so corporations are 160 times as likely to sue as an average person.
and take the biggest awards

National Law Journal reported that eight of the year's 10 largest awards to date involved corporations suing each other.

and when the idiots who narrowed the margin needed for you to resteal the office actually thought they were opting for 'moral values' as they bent over for the ballot

So far, Earle has obtained indictments against eight corporations, in addition to the three people close to Tom DeLay. The charges include multiple counts of money laundering and the illegal use of corporate contributions.
while the 'believin' CEO plays coy verbal footsy with a Faux reporter-cum-prestitute

when it comes to considering just these itty-bitty little things, why should you ever DOUBT that Americans would not be fools?!! again...

"We are a compassionate nation but we should not be fools," said Senator Orrin G. Hatch, a Utah Republican who has fought for the measure for eight years. "We want to give our neighbors who get in over their heads a chance to get out of their financial troubles. But for some it is a way to avoid personal responsibility. There is something inherently unfair about denying full restitution to creditors."

who the hell needs a fresh start anyhow, the idiots?!?!? nuh-unHHn, the idiot-in-chief has already shepherded the flock:

"We'll All Be Dead"

we're living out the reality version of 24, one more episode of the saga known as the death throes of America. stayed tuned to the Comfortably Numb Broadcast Network and you'll be just fine!


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