Ohio SOS Kenneth Blackwell JINSA member: PNAC + AEI by 1 degree?

I thought it an interesting observation to note the presence of J. Kenneth Blackwell in the following list.

The bold-faced entries are signers of PNAC letters, publications, or statements of principle on matters related to Middle East related policy. Alternatively, I've indicated membership in both PNAC and AEI, or AEI alone explicitly where appropriate and according to the lists i'd constructed previously from sites of those organizations:

AEI: http://beyondcomfortablynumb.blogspot.com/2005/01/aei-members-summer-2003.html

PNAC: http://beyondcomfortablynumb.blogspot.com/2005/01/pnac-members-summer-2003.html

David P. Steinmann, Chairman
Sheriff Kevin Beary, Orange County, Fla.
Deputy Chief Michael Berkow, LAPD
J. Kenneth Blackwell
Hon. Beau Boulter
Dr. Stephen D. Bryen
Lt. Gen. Anthony Burshnick, USAF (Ret.)
Rep. Eric Cantor
Lt. Gen. Paul Cerjan, USA (Ret.)
Gen. James B. Davis, USAF (Ret.)
Maj. Gen. Lee Downer, USAF (Ret.)
Maj. Gen. Robert D. Eaglet, USAF (Ret.)
Adm. Leon Edney, USN (Ret.)
Amb. Harvey Feldman
Gen. John Foss, USA (Ret.)
Lt. Gen. Thomas Griffin, USA (Ret.)
Hon. Frank Hoeber
Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY)
Adm. David Jeremiah, USN (Ret.)
Adm. Jerome Johnson, USN (Ret.)
Phyllis Kaminsky
Amb. Max M. Kampelman
V. Adm. Bernard Kauderer, USN (Ret.)
Hon. Jack Kemp
Dr. Jeane J. Kirkpatrick PNAC + AEI
Michael Ledeen AEI
V. Adm. Anthony A. Less, USN (Ret.)
Maj. Gen. Jarvis Lynch, USMC (Ret.)
Sen. Connie Mack
Lt. Gen. Charles May, USAF (Ret.)
Lt. Gen. Frederick McCorkle, USMC (Ret.)
Hon. Dave McCurdy
Maj. Gen. William C. Moore USA (Ret.)
Joshua Muravchik PNAC + AEI
Maj. Gen. Robert B. Patterson, USAF (Ret.)
V. Adm. James B. Perkins III, USN (Ret.)
Hon. Richard Perle PNAC + AEI
Amb. Peter R. Rosenblatt
R. Adm. Norman Saunders, USCG (Ret.)
Maj. Gen. Sidney Shachnow, USA (Ret.)
R. Adm. Sumner Shapiro, USN (Ret.)
Prof. David Sidorsky
Gen. Lawrence A. Skantze, USAF (Ret.)
Hon. Stephen Solarz
Lt. Gen. Ted Stroup, USA (Ret.)
Maj. Gen. Larry Taylor, USMCR (Ret.)
Kenneth Timmerman
Jacques Torczyner
Adm. Carlisle Trost, USN (Ret.)
Gen. Louis Wagner, USA (Ret.)
Hon. R. James Woolsey

The list above comes from membership in JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs:


JINSA has a Two-Fold Mandate:


1. To educate the American public about the importance of an effective U.S. defense capability so that our vital interests as Americans can be safeguarded; and

2. To inform the American defense and foreign affairs community about the important role Israel can and does play in bolstering democratic interests in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

So, bottomline, Kenneth Blackwell is not only the Ohio SOS but is clearly closely aligned with members of an organization populated by principals of PNAC/AEI who have been and are the drivers of American foreign policy under this administration!

You'd think there's no motivation to ensure the vote happens in Ohio as some folks might want to direct it, huh?


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