9/11: Coup d'etat 2004: GOP sits on 3 incriminating reports 'til reelection is a done deal

[UPDATE 9/11/2006 : moved from the archive September 11, 2006. Orginally published November 1, 2004]

Suppressed CIA and SIC Reports Deny the Right to Hold the Bush Administration to FULL Account on Nov 2.

Knowing many of the published circumstances that led us to war in Iraq, I also knew that the Independent 911 Commission had issued a whitewash Final Report and simply laid the blame on hordes of nameless, faceless federal agents. Thus, the burden fell to those executing policy rather than those who created it. I concluded that this whitewash of the powerful would produce serious 'blowback'.

Much of the current leakage represents those hordes taking their due. As the issues evolve, I've been telling friends, "I think I'm falling in love with the CIA!"

But I've been unhappy for months with understanding that an enormous amount of political leverage had been applied to delay release until after the national elections of what I then knew to be the Second Report of the Senate Intelligence Committee. I’ve known of this report for some time despite its scarce mention.

"But it is too soon for President Bush to hazard a sigh of relief, because the committee plans a second report, to be completed next year, which will address additional questions including "whether public statements, reports, and testimony regarding Iraq by US Government officials...were substantiated by intelligence information." Put another way, the question is whether the President and his chief advisers in the run-up to war exaggerated, misrepresented, or ran on beyond the intelligence claims now shown to have been wrong...

How Bush Got it Wrong, Thomas Powers.

'Did the Administration in any way manipulate intelligence.' Then we learn of another delayed SIC report:

"Two Senate intelligence committee investigations--into whether the White House misused prewar intelligence about Iraq and whether a special Pentagon unit manipulated intelligence about Iraq-Al Qaeda links--won't be finished until the end of the year at the earliest, say committee sources."

So the other Second Report addresses Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans. And knowledge of these two investigations comes in the context of CIA Director Goss withholding report number three,

"...a hard-hitting report about agency officials who might be held accountable for 9/11 intelligence failures. The report identifies a host of current and former officials who could be candidates for possible disciplinary procedures imposed by a special CIA Accountability Board...

But Goss shows no inclination to release the document any time soon. When an account of the suppressed report surfaced on the Los Angeles Times op-ed page last week, NEWSWEEK has learned, Goss's top aide ordered the agency's Office of Security to conduct a leak investigation. "Everybody feels it will be better off if this hits the fan after the election," said one agency official.

Accountability: The CIA's Secret, Michael Isikoff.

The delay in reporting ANY damning evidence has ensured crimes of this Administration will not be accounted as we complete the campaigns and go to vote on November 2. Republican treachery once again destroys the validity of our electoral process.

These delays constitute the fundamental abrogation of our rights as Americans to be a fully informed electorate. The information obviously exists NOW, before the election!. Clearly, our Republican-controlled White House and Congress have eliminated the possibility that we Americans can hold the Bush Administration fully accountable on November 2.


Do these people not work for US?! The bottomline is that our elected representatives did and do not represent OUR interests. The events occurring right now are said to implicate top level officials in the CIA while I suspect SIC's reports implicate those in the Pentagon's OSP and the VP's office.

WHY THE HELL ARE WE DENIED -- by design – full knowledge of the facts surrounding the performance of our top level Administration officials during what will most likely be viewed through history as the paramount events of the New American Century?!

I demand to know exactly who is represented by officials who engineered delays in release of these three reports. Who wants to keep us in the dark until after the Bush Administration is re-elected?! Exactly who is unwilling to be held to account?!

Thomas Powers again:

"…A president is not only the leader of the country, but the leader of his party as well, and a serious attack on a president concerning a substantial matter is an invitation to conflict of a kind that resembles civil war.. But the failure to act before September 11 and the unnecessary war with Iraq cannot fairly be blamed on intelligence organizations or anyone else. The White House is the problem, not for the first time. Iraq is President Bush's war. He insisted on it, and nothing can save us from the same again until we find the will to hold the President responsible."

This cynical denial of our rights is a criminal collusion. This election would not be a contest if Americans at-large knew the facts being withheld from us.

"Everybody feels it will be better off if this hits the fan after the election," Apparently everybody who counts is Republican.

What exactly is a coup d'etat anyhow?

..."A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder."

Normally, a coup does not seek to destroy the basic structure of the existing government, which is more typical of a revolution or a war for liberation. Instead, Luttwak explains, those undertaking a true coup d'etat "want to seize power within the present system, and [they] shall only stay in power if [they] embody some new status quo supported by those very forces which a revolution may seek to destroy." (Emphasis in original.)

In other words, the coup takes advantage of the governmental structure itself, as well as the bureaucratic nature of modern governments. There is an established hierarchy, an accepted chain of command, and standard procedures that are followed when instructions come down this pipeline. So long as the instructions come from the appropriate source or level of authority, they will almost always be followed even if from a new, and illegitimate, holder of that authority.

Luttwak explains that a coup "operates by taking advantage of this machine-like behavior: during the coup because it uses parts of the state apparatus to seize the controlling levers; afterwards because the value of the 'levers' depends on the fact that the state is a machine."

Thus, by gaining control over a few carefully selected pivotal points of power within the government bureaucracy, the plotters of the coup can effectively gain control over the entire "machine" of state.

During the presidential election [of 2000], the key pivot points proved to be quite limited in number, not to mention patently obvious. The first was the state government of Florida, the second the US Supreme Court....

In the yet incomplete coup of 2004, the pivots are once again, few: Republican control of Congressional Joint Inquiry and 9/11 Commissions and a hand-picked Director of Central Intelligence. In this version of the "October Surprise", Vice Chair Lee Hamilton ensured that Goerge Bush was washed clean of responsibility.

"The focus of the commission will be on the future. We’re not interested in trying to assess blame, we do not consider that part of the commission’s responsibility."

So, the Republican coup d'etat controlled the critical 911 Investigations who delayed any damning findings of the Administration until after their reelection. The hand of hand-picked Porter Goss weighs heavily on the suppressed reporting of high-level CIA findings. Should George Bush not lose this election, we know exactly who stood watch as the jewel thieves hightailed it.

Please take the time to sign the petition demanding pre-election release of the CIA report. It may be late but better than never.

UPDATE: Bob Kerrey swore to secrecy that he'd not talk about the Final Report during the campaign'! Christ, and we're worried about good ol' fashion vote-rigging?!?!