I'd Love to Change the World...tell me where there's sanity?!

hint: it's not found in the compulsive behavior that reelects criminals.

Media Change Project?

This is a proposal for getting off our asses and doing something, exactly how to do it i'm unsure. but lemme lay it out for ya.

rough draft of my media project idea, presented to a friend via email:

how to demonstrate to the avg jane/joe that their perceptions are reprogrammed on an on-command basis.

i've been digesting a media project that i think you probably would have excellent insight for its information. basically my thesis is that we've gotten here by way of the magnificent stimulus conditioning machine that is tuned to keeping our consumption reflex appropriately oriented. alot of my thinking on so many things comes out of an integration of my biology background with an intimate knowledge of how people come to accept what remains their status quo, such as in dysfunctional family conditioning. intellectually we all KNOW in words and concepts the mediawhores shape our society to be a collective-consciousness with a certain vein running through it. but it's only the likes of you and i who understand the intuitive-emotional backdrop to that KNOWLEDGE, that repetitive conditioning forces make us accept the inevitable as inevitable. we can be smart conceptually and know the ideas, but it's the intuitive-emotive forces that make us accept them as our rulers.

the media project is to somehow demonstrate on a mass scale how we are continually, regularly conditioned to be the america that we are currently. the idea is a Paid-To-View project that over two to four weeks participants are paid to watch a 15 to 30 minute program every day designed creatively to be interesting, perhaps informative, but having an underlying propaganda message that's hammered home implicitly. following the program, the participants are tested for the various messages true and false that have been conditioned into them over that month and the resulting farce message demonstrated to have been successfully hammered home amidst whatever else of true nature had also been implanted by that conditioning. i'd hope the demonstration to the avg jane/joe that they've absorbed the "expletive deleted" embedded in their daily ration would be something that would motivate them to seek to change the magnificent consumption-conditioning machine.

walk down any suburban street between 6 and 10 pm every night and look for those windows that don't have a blue glow lighting them up. how much of america do you think is routinely tuned into the consumer-conditioning machine?

a project to be underwritten by george soros and friends?!

first, lemme tell ya where i'm coming from. probably anyone that's read threads that include a cumulative 10 of my posts have seen my favorite reference,

...Poll found that 42% of those surveyed thought the former Iraqi leader was involved in the attacks on New York City and Washington. In response to another question, 32% said they thought Saddam had personally planned them.

The same poll in June showed that 56% of all Republicans said they thought Saddam was involved with the 9/11 attacks. In the latest poll that number actually climbs, to 62%.

The independent commission that investigated 9/11 concluded in June that there was "no credible evidence that Iraq and al-Qaeda cooperated...


the preface of which includes the most important line of our time:

it became ever more apparent that the media still have their work cut out for them on this issue.
>> this tells ya where i'm coming from <<>>we are literally the product of our media.

Beneficial Effects of TV >>

>>Undermines Family Life

  1. Time per day that TV is on in an average US home: 7 hours, 40 minutes
  2. Amount of television that the average American watches per day: over 4 hours
  3. Time spent daily with screen media for U.S. children age six and under: about 2 hours
  4. Percentage of US families with children age 0-6 with at least one television: 99
  5. Percentage of US households with 3 or more TVs (2003): 50
  6. Percentage of parents who say that if they have something important to do, it is likely that they will use the TV to occupy their child: 45
  7. Percentage of Americans who always or often watch television while eating dinner: 40
  8. Percentage of Americans who say they watch too much TV: 49

>>Promotes Violence

  1. Number of violent acts the average American child sees on TV by age 18: 200,000
  2. Number of murders witnessed by children on television by the age 18: 16,000
  3. Percentage of youth violence directly attributable to TV viewing: 10
  4. Percentage of Hollywood executives who believe there is a link between TV violence and real violence: 80
  5. Percentage of children polled who said they felt “upset” or “scared” by violence on television: 91

>>Squelches Political Awareness

  1. Money spent on ads for the major presidential candidates between June 1, 2000 and September 13: $63 million
  2. Money spent on issue ads between January 1, 1999 and August 30, 2000: over $342 million
  3. Percentage of those which were attack ads: 61
  4. Amount of time broadcasters must provide to candidates free of charge under the 1996 Telecommunications Act: 0
  5. Value of public airwaves allocated to broadcasters at no cost under the 1996 Telecommunications Act: $70 billion
  6. Amount spent on lobbying by TV broadcasters and the National Association of Broadcasters in 1996: $4 million
  7. Number of network news stories about the environment in 1990: 377; 1996: 113
  8. Percentage of Americans who can name The Three Stooges: 59
  9. Percentage of Americans who can name three Supreme Court Justices: 17



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