Why is there so much Democrat bashing going on here lately?

The question has recently been pondered at CommonGroundCommonSense, Why is there so much Democrat bashing going on here lately?

sometimes my knee jerk reflexes more rapidly than others -

i skimmed through most of the posts on this thread trying to get a sense of where sentiment lies. the theme, "people are whacking on dems, why?! it's wasted energy, be positive, look forward, etc" is pretty clear and reasonable under normal circumstances.

but G4A seems to have a sense that is something like my own (as i've gleaned from posts here and other threads). they were hired to represent us in bidding for national leadership and failed.

i think many of us saw this election as the most important in a long time and, for one, i feel it was the most important of my lifetime, perhaps for a century. why?! the answer provides the basis for my whacking on dems. why was this the most important election in a lifetime?

because it validates the direction the country has taken after the inflection point established under the CONs after they stole 2000 and then used 911 as the point of departure to take us down the raod they've been planning since at least 1997 with the formation of PNAC.

there are many issues that factor into this and perhaps it's an impossible thing to approach or to accomplish once the titanic hits the iceberg. but our leaders seem to have failed to recognize that the stage crew has already changed the set, that the sky painted on the backdrop is a very different color, and half of the actors are now working from an entirely different script than are our opposing protagonists.

it's a different world and our leadership MUST realize that our lockstep-unified opposition is playing by an entirely different set of rules that it our guys not only fail to recognize but often seem to be complicit in by playing by those rules!

in emergency situations you typically see progression from:

  • initial stunning and shock to
  • immediate first aid and triage through
  • search and rescue to
  • recovery and cleanup.

since Nov. 2, so many of us have been involved in first aid/rescue while it seemed our leadership -- starting with kerry's concession on Nov. 3 -- had already moved on to 2006 election considerations. it was as though they gave it up on Nov. 3.

flapping out there in the whipping wind, us conspiracy theorists -- conspiracy theory cause our leaders couldn't seem/didn't want to get the bought media to pick up the story so that mainstream america never heard it so that it remained the obscure conspiracy theory for never having been publicly investigated cause our supposed leaders didn't freaking lead or support -- were forced to rely on parties other than the Democrats to push the issues.

and so on Jan. 6, after massive effort by so many of us and a few heroic Dems, Conyers and Tubbs Jones, Sen. Boxer took a lone stand to contest the election and the resulting debate captured the essence. thus enabled, the lockstepper GOP perpetrated the single voice shouting 'conspiracy theory'.

up to that day where the fuck were our Dem leaders when we needed -- oh yeah! leadership, money, resources, etc., to push what still should have been efforts at first aid/rescue?!?!

it was Nader, Cobb, and Badnarik in front of the search and rescue effort!! just exactly where were the Dems in the most important election of my lifetime?!

as i said, many other factors underlie my whacking on the Dems and at times, i've even posted my consideration of possible answers to this question. but as we go to inaugurate this team of crazed idiots this week, you have a sense of why i'm whacking on our 'leadership'.


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