collusion has been my fear for a long time

Edited 2/1/2005: to correct an attribution made to John Kerry that properly belongs to Bob Kerrey (CNN transcript).

The collusion has been my fear for a long time
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but first, i assume this is 'the PNAC' document to which you all are referring?


and my nightmare has been that the complicity if not actual collusion we've seen comes, first, from the left wing of the republicrat party believing or realizing it has no choice. rebuilding america's defenses and the reality we've seen play out since it's publication shows the dems buying into the whole iraq scam. but why would they have done so easily what any degree of skepticism would have warranted against?

'realizing it has no choice'...my fear is that our leadership is fully cognizant of the Peak Oil scenario that's come to the fore in the last couple years, publicly, that is. and KNOWING that we are terminal oil addicts cause they don't have the will to help change our addiction through enabling legislation, etc., and KNOWING that china, india, and the other emerging industrial strengths of the world are competing for exactly the same drug we are, they KNEW we have to control that oil by some means.

well, hey, saddam's been on the slate for a while, if that 'new pearl harbor' happens anywhere near the ME, picture this...

the coalition of interests the iraq invasion has served has been on board PNAC for a long time. at least under this scenario, lefty republicrats can lay nominal responsibility on the rightys. and hey, iraq oil is once again priced in dollars and if the idiots can get their shit together, we WILL ultimately control the heart of the oil zone and iraq's reserves in the middle of it, and we're there to deal with israel's nasty enemies, and ...

so on.

that's my nightmare, that the representatives of the oil-addicted free world, USA, Inc., saw no other way to keep us sliding faster down the declining slop of the production capacity curve. the iraq farce was easy and can be laid at the feet of the repubs.

but it certainly fits with any number of things that 'our guys' have remained quiet about including the deal bob kerrey made, in secret, to keep 911 off of the table as a campaign issue, among:

Coup d'etat 2004: GOP sits on 3 incriminating reports 'til reelection is a done deal

911: Voices of Dissent to a Unanimous Bipartisan Consensus Report

Record of Bush Administration's Obstruction of Investigation of 911

yeah, my nightmare is that it's only the american people that have been in the dark about the PNAC crap and its fallout and it's because 'our guys' knew we couldn't handle the oil withdrawal symptoms.

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Is the PNAC the cement that holds the two parties together?


Blogger massdelusion said...

I think you may have gotten your Kerrey's mixed up. The statement about taking an oath to not speak of 9/11 re the bushies until after the election was Bob Kerrey not John Kerry

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Blogger luaptifer said...

massdelusion, you're perfectly correct: it was bob kerrey which makes sense given his place on the SIC. thank you for that correction, i will revise the post accordingly. i propagated the error that came from discussion with a friend on the issue, perhaps my own inference rather than her implication.

gracias, and FYI, the transcript source is this url:


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