Some Resources for Newshounds (and online researchers)

UPDATED - 12/06/04: remembered to add an old favorite for tracking down online sources. Originally designed for rooting out spammers...see SamSpade for Windows below.

UPDATED - 11/29/04: added several resources including a few new Google-related tools. At some point (soon?!), I hope to revise it in a categorized fashion.

Some Resources for Newshounds -

Thought I'd put together a few resources I use for keeping track of issues. No particular order besides grouping pages having the same root URL. NameBase is an excellent resource for discerning relationships among names of people or organizations in the news and I've included the page for an excellent directory of topics. National Security Archives is a great resource for government-source documents related to particular policies and events.

I also included a special section on neoCONs: I recommend all Americans explore the PNAC site well beyond the link I provided.

These are only some of the more useful resources I have discovered and are obviously in addition to the familiar Yahoo News and Google Headlines facilities. If you've any others, please post. TIA.

SamSpade Network Tools: they provide a downloadable application for Windows.x that permits you to do many of the tasks needed to identify and track spammers. But for those who don't have Windows, fortunate you, SamSpade provides an online query interface for doing similar networking related investigation.

NewsNow - Headline Tracker that updates each 5 minutes. Useful for tracking their canned topics or non-paying customers can enter a single-word string search.

National SecurityArchives (GWU)

Reporter's Desktop

The Resource Shelf for Info Professionals)

The Virtual Chase (Research for Legal Professionals)

Add FindLaw Toolbar to Browser

Raw Story - a 'Drudge Report for the Left'

The Daily Kos Political Encyclopedia

TheDaily Kos dKosopedia ELECTIONS


Asia Times Online Great Resource for ME and South Asian Topics

Juan Cole's Informed Comment (ME/related issues)

World Press Review

World News Network

News and Newspapers Online

Bush Watch Today's Headlines

Bush Watch More Headlines Updated Throughout the Day

The Agonist Recent Stories

Washington Post CONGRESS WIRE Articles

WAPO Top 20 Most Emailed Articles

NYT Top 25 Most Emailed Articles

Yahoo Most Emailed Articles

Yahoo News Articles - Reader Ratings

Financial Sense Storm Watch: Daily Economy & Finance Articles

Columbia Journalism Review's Campaign Desk

Transcripts of CNN Programs

Transcripts of MSNBC Programs

Iraq Daily


C-SPAN on the Web

Disinfopedia is an encyclopedia of people, issues and groups shaping the public agenda

Political Site of the Day

FACTNet Today's Newspaper Articles on Terrorist Activities

The Memory Hole

Federation of American Scientists

Roundup: History News Network - Historians' Take on the News

Vote Watch 2004

Media Matters for America


Project for a New American Century: 'home of the neocons' - only one of several relevant publication directories on PNAC site, use links on left sidebar of site for others.

NameBase.org - various ways to research public documents

Resources and News for Information Professionals

***TouchGraph Google Browser - graphic browser of Google's 'Related' results.

Google Scholar

Google Zeitgeist - Trend Watching

Google Zeitgeist Archive

Blog Indexers, etc.


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