Hostettler says 'no' to I69, Hoosiers say 'yes' to whoring

There's clearly at least one person in Indiana with a sense of humour. I followed a link to the article describing Hostettler's intent to reduce the obscenity of Indiana's interstate system by changing the designation of Federal Route I-69 to I-63. An entertaining idea in it's own right, but made moreso by the article's companion poll presumably placed by 'smart' ad software.

OK, well perhaps they should have considered possible poll-results (at bottom) and had human oversight of that ad-poll!

Hostettler mounting campaign to change the name of Interstate 69
By August Wayne, THG News

John Hostettler, the Congressman representing the 8th district of Indiana, has been convinced by local religious groups to introduce legislation in the House that would change the name of an Interstate 69 extension to a more moral sounding number.

There are plans to extend the interstate from Indianapolis through southwestern Indiana all the way through Texas into Mexico in the coming years. While most believe Image Hosted by ImageShack.us this highway will be good for the state’s economy, religious conservatives believe “I-69” sounds too risqué and want to change the interstate’s number.

Hostettler, a proponent of the interstate extension, agrees. “Every time I have been out in the public with an ‘I-69’ button on my lapel, teenagers point and snicker at it. I have had many ask me if they can have my button. I believe it is time to change the name of the highway. It is the moral thing to do.”

As a matter of fact, naming the highway’s extension I-69 is a violation of the Interstate Highway System’s rules for numbering roads. Interstates numbers are to increase from west to east. If the extension through southern Indiana is named I-69, then 69 will be west of I-65, a direct violation.

“Naming the road I-63 not only follows numbering guidelines, it doesn’t have the sexual undertones that I-69 has,” says Hostettler, “It is a win-win situation.”

The change will more than likely be introduced in committee when Congress convenes after the first of the year.

-- or just maybe a live person HAD a hand in this! :-)

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Blogger wanderindiana said...

Very amusing. We miss so many of the antics of the downstaters up here in NW Indiana.

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