Imagine all the people

Remember when we were young? Or the stories of the Sixties? Can a country rejuvenate itself or must the old die before new can be born?

Should we ever return to our primordial essence, Americans might see something like this, as reported of Ukraine:

Before today, there were only two channels worth watching - Channel 5 and Era (the latter broadcasts late at night, only several hours daily). The rest were following orders from Medvedchuk, chief of Kuchma's Administration, and other Yanukovych people. Until today. Today, Oleksandr Rodnyansky gathered all 1+1 Channel journalists (except one, who's not a journalist anymore but a slut, Vyacheslav Pikhovshek) and announced that they are with the people and are not going to lie to us. On Channel 1 (UT-1), the main state channel, 237 journalists are on strike now. Today, during the 11 am newscast with live translation into the Sign Language, the translator, Natalya Dmytruk, did not translate what the host was saying about the election results, but said (in Sign Language) the following (quote via Ukrainska Pravda):

The results from the Central Election Commission have been falsified. Do not believe them. Our President is Yushchenko. I am very disgusted that I was forced to translate the lies until now. I'm not going to do it anymore. I'm not sure if I'll see you again.

Can you imagine Paula Zahn speaking these words!?

Thanksgiving's the day for appreciating what we may usually take for granted. I no longer take for granted guys like Bloggerman, Keith Olbermann, somehow still able to use power to speak truth! And Chuck Herrin, a conservative, willing to speak truth to Republicans:

...and thanks for clarifying my party membership for me - you would certainly know better than I do about what party I'm registered with. I'm not kidding anybody - I'm just disgusted with the current administration. I'm glad I ruffled a few feathers - nothing gets people madder than the truth, especially when they know they're wrong...

See his
How to Hack the Vote: the Short Version

11/10/2004 rev. 11/22/2004

Chuck Herrin, CISSP, CISA, MCSE, CEH

Enron was a conspiracy theory, too. Were their whistleblowers "Crackpots"?
Were the people who lost their retirements to those corporate criminals just "sore losers"?
I've never been part of the "Tin Foil Hat" conspiracy theory crowd. I'm just a voter who happens to be a Professional IT Auditor.


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