Greens and Libs Need Help TODAY!


Your Help Needed for Ohio Recount!

David Cobb and Michael Badnarik, the 2004 presidential candidates for the Green and Libertarian parties, have announced their intentions to file a formal demand for a recount of the presidential ballots cast in Ohio.
The Cobb and Badnarik campaigns are in the process of raising the required fee, estimated at $113,600, for a complete recount in all 11,306 precincts in Ohio. We also need to raise money for other expenses involved with this effort; for example, our candidates and staff and communications systems and travel expenses also need to be paid.
Considering the grassroots support we have received from over 1500 donors in the first 48 hours hours, we are confident that we will raise enough for the recount filing fee plus other related expenses over the course of the next week. Funds donated to the Ohio recount are not subject to the contribution cap. Please be sure to include the words 'Ohio Recount' in the Notes section of our donate form.
The integrity of the democratic process is at stake; thank you for your support.


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