Convincing Evidence of 2004 Electoral Irregularity or Malfeasance?

Hard Evidence for Electoral or Vote Fraud and Irregularities Should be Consolidated for Easy Review


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There are many efforts to understand if the 2004 Presidental Election was marred by irregularity or malfeasance. Few mainstream media conduits have acted according to their license from the American public to assess these matters to this date.

The online community, on the other hand, has been prolific in attempting to do so but I've not recognized a single source that might compile these results and generate a conclusive record saying 'yes' we've found reason to push harder or 'no' what's been shown is unconvincing of irregularity or malfeasance.

Time is critical and though I've not had the time to do 'nuts-and-bolts' work, I recognized the need to concert the ongoing efforts. This is my attempt to help, to get folks to consolidate their results in summary form within the communities they frequent. With consolidation of convincing evidence, 'big guns' can be brought to bear upon the question of how to act on that evidence.

Within three separate forums, so far, I've made notice of this effort and established threads wherein I hope to have summary evidence consolidated for review and assessment by the 'big guns'. If you have convincing evidence, would you please summarize it and post it in comments to this article, or in one of the venues linked below. I hope to have it reviewed and the case -- assuming it's clear -- presented to a national organization that can better concert the efforts of our online small 'd' democrats or carry the banner themselves.

Thanks, please gather your evidence, spread the word, and let's hope that we've ammo for big guns to fire in the battle to regain our country!

First, in order to make it easy for analysts to understand whether there is a case (from what I've seen, I think there is!) ideally you can summarize your work so that people making the assessment are able to be convinced as easily as possible in one look. I suggested one form that case might be made and post it below links to the forums. If you've comments or suggestions, please also post those here.

Thanks for your attention and efforts.

Forums for Evidence Consolidation, Existing Collections:

Note: Black Box Voting.org (also, see below) took the 'electronic voting security' issue from the conspiracy theory zone to documenting it's real-world manifestation over the last couple of years. I hope soon to be able to link to a forum under their system where independent analysis can be compiled without interfering with their intense and ongoing efforts. Until such a forum exists there, I'll simply point you to their conference system: Black Box Voting.org Cleanup Crew

I believe that all three of these require registration to allow posting but you should be able to read posts made by myself and others. Alternatively, you can post to comments here without registration.

Comments section of my diary at the Daily Kos:
My Diary Evidence

Democratic Underground:
DU Evidence

Members of the Former Kerry forum have migrated to independence at Common Ground Common Sense:
New CGCS Evidence

Break on Through comments:
Convincing Evidence of 2004 Electoral Irregularity or Malfeasance?

Liberty Forum Crime and Corruption Thread:
Did George W. Bush Steal the 2004 Presidential Election?

What Really Happened:
Vote Fraud Articles

Originally posted @ CGCS forum:

1. For each line of analysis folks have going here, can one person from each analytic thread put together a single post for that thread of analysis. And I am asking this for cases where the analysts on that thread think they actually DO have convincing evidence a large organization would be willing to put resources for exploration.

2. If you guys DO think this evidence exists, could we reserve a single discussion thread in which to post only these summaries so that it doesn't get junked up with lots of commentary irrelevant to a $300/hour lawyer, for example. Perhaps this "SPECIAL REQUEST" thread could serve that purpose. If you would, please post commentary, discussion, suggestions, etc., to the

****SPECIAL REQUEST: Commentary and Discussion

3. If such evidence does exist, could the person reporting make it a succinct message, perhaps something such as follows here?:

Ex. "XYZ County in Ohio: more votes than registered voters"Data taken from (please include linked source, if possible, but not simply a dump of the document into the same post) XYZ County was compared, for the sum total of registered voters in XYZ County vs. the cumulative sums of votes for Bush, Kerry, etc. The sum of votes for individual candidates exceeded the total number of registered voters for the county."


Donate. PayPal, credit card, Wish List, address are at this link. Our mailing address is Black Box Voting, PO Box 25552, Seattle WA 98165.

If you have signed up to volunteer for Help America Audit you will receive instructions by tomorrow morning. E-mail crew@blackboxvoting.org

Media calls: 206-335-7747

If you are concerned about what happened Tuesday, Nov. 2, you have found a home with our organization. Help America Audit.

BREAKING -- SUNDAY Nov. 7 2004: Freedom of Information requests at http://www.blackboxvoting.org have unearthed two Ciber certification reports indicating that security and tamperability was NOT TESTED and that several state elections directors, a secretary of state, and computer consultant Dr. Britain Williams signed off on the report anyway, certifying it.

Black Box Voting has taken the position that fraud took place in the 2004 election through electronic voting machines. We base this on hard evidence, documents obtained in public records requests, inside information, and other data indicative of manipulation of electronic voting systems. What we do not know is the specific scope of the fraud. We are working now to compile the proof, based not on soft evidence -- red flags, exit polls -- but core documents obtained by Black Box Voting in the most massive Freedom of Information action in history.

Voting without auditing. (Are we insane?)

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Nov 3 2004 -- Did the voting machines trump exit polls? There’s a way to find out.
Black Box Voting (.ORG) is conducting the largest Freedom of Information action in history. At 8:30 p.m. Election Night, Black Box Voting blanketed the U.S. with the first in a series of public records requests, to obtain internal computer logs and other documents from 3,000 individual counties and townships. Networks called the election before anyone bothered to perform even the most rudimentary audit.

America: We have permission to say No to unaudited voting. It is our right.... (continued @ Freedom of Information requests )

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