Black Box Voting: Media is being hushed on election issues

Needed: Additional Hosts of VoterGate

Apparently many people don't care for the existence of easy access to the Black Box Voting film discussed on this page, VoterGate. Copies on BBV's site were destroyed while The Brad Blog's reviewer of the film had great difficulty seeing it at its supposed online locations. It'd seem that if other hosts can pick serve this film up, they'd be doing Americans a great service!

Note from Bev Harris on relative media silence regarding the 2004 Presidential Vote Fraud issues being exposed, link to BBV's Quicktime copy of VoterGate and, at bottom, Brad's review of the film.

Bottomline, it SCARED him!

Btw, The Brad Blog is doing a good job of tracking Vote fraud news, check out his site.

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Media is being hushed on election issues. We need to head toward bloggers and online publications. Encourage everyone you know or can find to host http://www.votergate.tv/ and keep vote fraud issues alive. Don't let this die. Spread it in chats and forums and especially bloggers!



Our video files were attacked but we are back! RIGHT NOW the one file we have up is a Quicktime File you can download . Watch for WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER AND REAL PLAYER VERSIONS coming soon. If needed download the latest version of Quicktime.

What This Film Achieves

Votergate is the investigative documentary feature film uncovering the truth about new computer voting systems, which allow a few powerful corporations to record our votes in secret. But Votergate is not just a warning. The film strongly concludes that elections are harder to defraud when voters turn out in big numbers. Votergate will continue filming through the Nov. 2nd election and release a 90 minute feature film / DVD. This 30 minute Special Edition is designed specifically to help viewers navigate past the fear and spin being thrown at this critical issue.

A New Revolution For American Democracy

This is a unique non-partisan issue that can wake up and unite The People, whether they're Democrats of Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, or Independents -- who believe Democracy means that every vote counts.

The Brad Blog Review of Votergate

VOTERGATE: Rise of the Machines

Go Watch This Film! NOW!

For many of us, it took the destruction of the World Trade Towers and the deaths of 3,000 Americans before we paid any attention at all to the warning signs we'd been receiving about Terrorism.

And now, I feel the same way in regards to the warnings I'd been hearing about Electronic Voting machines and the Deibold company, etc. prior to the 11/2 Election.

I, frankly, was an idiot for not paying close enough attention to Bev Harris and the warnings she had been issuing about about Black Box Voting for the past year or more.

Guess what? I'm paying attention now.

I just finished watching the 30-minute "Presidential Election" version of VOTERGATE, a full-length documentary film being prepared for release on DVD, and the lump I'm now feeling now in the pit of my stomach is...to say the least...unsettling.

Unforutnately, the 30-minute version of VOTERGATE, previously available at VoterGate.tv was hacked a few days ago, according to their site, and their available versions were destroyed from the server. They claim to be attempting to repair the
server, and upload replacements soon.

I don't doubt their claims, as this Blog also came under attack a couple of weeks ago while we were reporting on the White House Website Scrubbing scandal. And, frankly, that issue was nothing compared to what we may be looking at now.

In the meantime, I was able to watch a version here, but after I'd finished, and hoped to go back and get some screenshots for this article, I'd found that version also unavailable. I don't know if it's been hacked, or is just exceedingly busy at
this point. If I find alternate versions for you to look at, I will update this item. (UPDATE: Found another version right here that seems to still be available! Go watch it! NOW!)

I CAN'T RECOMMEND THIS FILM ENOUGH at this point! It's absolutely horrifying.

In this special edition of the film, we follow Bev Harris as she demonstrates how -- in about 90 seconds -- she was able to change the results of an election on the central vote tabulating computer. It was something that anybody reading this could have done as easily.

We also see Mark Radke, the Marketing Director from Deibold Inc. (one of two private companies that count 80% of the nation's votes) explain how sorry they were that their CEO, Wallace O'Dell, sent out a Fundraising Letter to Republicans in August of 2003, telling them he was "committed to delivering the electoral vote in Ohio to George W. Bush next year".

That was the same month that O'Dell also met Bush, along with a bunch of benefactors, down at the ranch in Crawford! (Click here for some more on Diebold's $411,320 Republican political contributions.)

The Marketing Director, Radke, also assures us in the film that Diebold machines are "safe and reliable". Not long before Bev Harris demonstrates otherwise. Big time.

Among the documented evidence in this version of the film, is a candidate in an election (I believe it was in Georgia) who brought a video camera to the warehouse where the machines were stored after her 2002 election. She documents repeatedly how selecting her name on the touch-screen voting machine continually counted the vote as a vote for her opponent!. The proof is documented and shown on camera.

Furthermore, she interviews a San Diego poll worker who was asked to take home a dozen or so E-Voting Machines the night before the primary election. She was simply a volunteer and was required to pass no security checks to have access to these machines in her house all night long. The only security: An adhesive seal (a sticker actually) on each machine with a black and white graphic that was easily removed and restored without even tearing the seal.

As far as I'm concerned, 11/2 is becoming the 9/11 for democracy in this country, folks. And while I made the mistake of not paying close enough attention before, I will not be repeating that profoundly naïve error.

I'll update this item if I find additional versions of the film for you to watch...Developing...HARD...


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