The Wall is Dead Ahead


For as long as you've been saying it, I've resisted the natural appeal of your desire 'to see what's on the other side'. By training, and as familiar as I am with the 2d Law (of Thermodynamics), what happens when natural systems are pushed to the consequence of exceeding critical mass threshold, what going beyond carrying capacity means, etc., I've avoided crossing over to want to see what's beyond the wall.

Given our societal stupidity, the crash will come whether i want to see it or not.

Despite what one wants to see, however, there is the necessity of seeing what one MUST see. Hitting the wall is the essential consequence of dysfunction in our society that blinds the sheeple to reality. Hitting the wall is as necessary as the last binge of the drunk hitting bottom.

Forty percent of Americans STILL believe Saddam had a hand in 911. The sheeple on this board STILL don't understand their role in carefully washing, ironing, and on a new day, wearing once again the bulls-eye T-shirt. The sheeple STILL deny the treason of this administration in lying us into the Iraq war for -- $haron's bidding, oil, profiteering, ?! -- whatever reasons.

Unless we get the nasty wakeup call of a 2 x 4 across the head of our nation in the next two months, sooner or later that wall will merge with the front bumper. Hell, as you say, it may be that a Kerry win only delays the head-on, I don't know.

But the utter dissonance between what true-believers embrace and the reality lurking behind its facade seems to lead only to one eventuality.

I'm with you, the wall's dead ahead.


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