Honest Dreams come True!!

...the community for judicious study glimpsed the future for just a Zen moment when the Dudehisattva showed the way.

enlightenment is known in hearing the sound of one hand slapping but true wisdom of the neoCONned variety comes only through 'creating your own reality'.

as wingers know, getting to the other side takes hard work and bricks of Adobe Photoshop to build such a durable figment!

but could there be a sweeter thing than to live as One with Bu$h's Brain subject to the discipline of your wil?! Dudehisattva leads us down this path, to the enlightenment of 2007!

i dare say it's valued beyond the riches of the Middle East, and more, to achieve that which only blind faith can deliver: on the other side, there will be no casualties.

well, except for Condi and Donald, maybe ;-)


back to that basis in reality, but thanks for the hand Dude!


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