Congress Had the Same Intelligence I did


Since I knew of the FIRST THREE INTELLIGENCE REPORTS DELAYED TIL AFTER THE ELECTION, I've tried to make the point that the lies of this administration sold to the American people misled not only us little janes and joes, it misled our leadership! Since awareness of those FIRST THREE DELAYED REPORTS, TWO OR THREE OTHER DELAYED REPORTS have come to light!!!

For so long, Bu$h claimed he had the same intel that Congress had. THAT IS BULLSHIT! I've tried to make people aware of the fact and cited the relevant pieces wherever possible.

This history retells the story, that the SIC Democrats were sworn NOT TO TELL what they'd learned in Committee by the thugs towing the line of this Administration.

With backbone finally showing up among the Democrats, I think it's essential that the history be revisited!

Please reread the excerpt @ePluribusMedia, The Selling of the Iraq War: The First Casualty while keeping in mind just how many reports were withheld from the American people that would have indicted this Administration in time for us NOT TO REELECT them, if we really have, had we been told of their findings.

HOORAY for Harry Reid and the post-nuclear option! Send a note to think him for demonstrating that Democrats may be reclassified, once again, as Vertebrates under the Endangered Species Act:

Five of the nine Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee, including Graham and Durbin, ultimately voted against the resolution, but they were unable to convince other committee members or a majority in the Senate itself. This was at least in part because they were not allowed to divulge what they knew: While Graham and Durbin could complain that the administration's and Tenet's own statements contradicted the classified reports they had read, they could not say what was actually in those reports.

Much more of the same intelligence at ePluribusMedia


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